Ways for Designers to Maintain Good Client Relationships

As a designer, your key goal is to keep your clients happy and satisfied with your services. Maintaining a good relationship with them is therefore very important for your UX design agency to grow and be stable. If clients have a good experience, they would also refer others to you. In this way, your reputation will grow and you end up gaining even more clients.

The following are some of the ways you can maintain a good client-designer relationship.


Always be clear and transparent with the clients

Some of the clients may not understand the processes that are required to produce the work they want from you. There are those who think that the work should be completed immediately and get impatient when you are not done. To avoid this, explain to your client the steps that will be followed in the entire project. Let them understand what you are doing at each and every stage. Make sure to establish a clear timeline and set the correct expectation with clients regarding the time you can complete each stage of the project.

Some projects may take more time than you had expected and agreed upon with the client. Always notify your client in case of any changes and explain the reasons for the delay. This will help build trust and understanding between you and your client.

Always be available

Your client will often have questions concerning the work you are doing for them. It is important that you give them timely and informative answers. Before you actually start of the project, ensure that you let them know how you will be giving updates to them and how often these updates will be. More importantly, keep your promise of clear and open communication with them.

Of course, this availability should be within reason. You should also set boundaries on what time you are available. Do not spend too much time engaging your client. They do not need to know every detail you are implementing on the project; aside from project updates and presentations, update the client only on major changes and decisions.

Accept only what you can manage

Be careful not to bite off more than you can chew. You may be tempted to take on more projects  than you can manage. This is understandable; one client comes with a job, another one comes along and you simply do not want to lose any of them by rejecting them. However, knowing your limits is extremely important. Learn to accept that you will not be able to handle every project that comes your way because you are working on another project. Unless the project is not a time sensitive one, it is always good to say no.

When you take on too many projects, you may become overwhelmed trying to meeting each deadline or end up getting confused. The quality of your work is bound to suffer, which will ruin your relationship with all your clients and possibly damage your reputation and the reputation of your UX design agency irreparably. Handle each project in its own time. This will improve the quality of your work and leave your client happy.

Set goals with your client

Before you start working on any project, sit down with your client. Discuss what they want in detail so that you can work towards achieving a specific goal. Talk about all the possibilities so that even as you progress the client doesn’t come up with other changes. Changing of the goals when the work has already started leads to a waste of time and resources. Ensure that if the client does want any changes, they are able to adjust the deadline and possibly the fees paid too.


These are just a few of the things you can do to ensure a smooth working relationship with your clients. Above all, remain polite and open to what the client has to say at all times. Mutual respect is the most fundamental necessity in any working relationship.